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Small Giant, 11 Princess st, St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
Mon, May 6th | 10am-4pm

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Photography © Nani P

Thursday February 28th 6-8pm
Project Space 1 & 2
RMIT Design Hub
Cnr Swanston & Victoria Street, Carlton, Melbourne 3053

BYOBWorldwide | Facebook

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is a single night event for artists who utilise the projected video format in some way, and benefits from a wide range of approaches. Artists are expected to bring their own projector as the exhibition title implies, and create a work that deals with the relationship between projected light and the physical gallery site with respect to their practice.

BYOB is a worldwide exhibition platform initiated by Dutch artist Rafael Rozendaal. The project has been staged in various locations including the 54th Venice Biennale, 319 Scholes Gallery, New York and Palais De Tokyo, Paris.

BYOB 2013 is organised by Ry David Bradley & Antuong Nguyen.

Participating Artists:
Adam Wood
Adelle Mills
Amiel Courtin-Wilson
& Peter Ivor Wilson
Andrew Barrie
Antuong Nguyen
& Pageant
Brad Haylock
Charlie Sofo
Chase Middleton
Christopher LG Hill
Dolci & Kabana
Greatest Hits
Hamishi Jama Farah
Joe Hamilton
Johann Rashid
Many Many
Marcus Latcham
Matt Leaf
Matthew Linde
Michael Ozone
Misha Hollenbach
Nik Dimopoulos
Rowan McNaught
Ry David Bradley
Simon Pericich
Spencer Lai
Tara Cook
Virginia Overell
Warran Wright

The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.
Photography © Nani P

Date. Thurs 7th Feb - 3rd March 2013 | 10am - 6pm
Chapter House Lane,
entry via Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

Andrzej Nowicki returns to Chapter House Lane with his show ‘Bifrost’, on display throughout February. Opening Thursday 7 February, join us for drinks from 6-8pm to see the new works unveiled.

Whereas ‘myth’ suggests archaic, fanciful beliefs and ‘sci-fi’ the futuristic, the forum for their discussion is often the same as one borrows motifs from the other. Similarly, Nowicki defies real time and with a highly contemporary visual style, recreates images which hark back to the Bifrost Bridge of Norse mythology. In this iteration, Nowicki lays out his scenes like snippets of story, with portraits pulled from the landscapes to build personal dossiers. The nobility of his figures add grandeur to a myth that will no doubt continue to be retold.

While Norse strongmen were out ‘viking’, pre-industrial times in the far North required repetitive work by hand and by ‘man’. Reliant on fire for warmth, the actual frost is felt in Nowicki’s mixed media works with crystalline forms replicated in figures and features amid the landscape. Perhaps in response to a cold, monochromatic environment, the Bifrost Bridge was dreamt up in rainbow shades; Nowicki translates this colour in sprays of flowers – a dormant spring floating like a promise across the works.
text by CHL

The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.
Photography © Nani P

Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.

Date. Thursday, 29 November - Sunday, 2 December 2012 | 10am - 6pm
Rokeby Studios, Melbourne

Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.

Opening Night Fine Art Grad Show 19th of November | 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition Opening Hours:
Tuesday 20th. 11am - 5pm
Wednesday 21st. 11am - 5pm
Thursday 22nd. 11am - 5pm
Friday 23rd. 11am - 5pm
Saturday 24th. 12pm - 5pm
Sunday 25th. 12pm - 5pm

Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.

Opening: Thursday, 15 November 2012 | 6-8 pm
Dates: 16 Nov 2012 - 8 Dec 2012, West Space
Artist Talk: Thursday, 6 December 2012 | 5.30 - 6.30 pm

Artist: Meredith Turnbull | Gallery 1
Text via West Space

Something between the blurry image of a woman in a hand held mirror and the bulbous Nanas, The Edible Woman is an interior sculpture project comprising structures, decorative columns and wall painting. It explores notions of excess, embellishment, adornment and décor with an emphasis on object language, form and abstraction. Through art-historical reference and oblique appropriation the project draws on a variety of sources from the literary work of Margaret Atwood, Catalan Romanesque art, 1970s textile printing to artworks by Constantin Brancusi and Niki de Saint Phalle.

Meredith Turnbull’s work focuses on the potential and practical implications of the subject areas of sculpture and craft and a territory between the intimate, interior and large-scales. She completed a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Art History at La Trobe University in 2000 and a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University in 2005. Recent projects include: Clunky, Loose and Tight, Sutton Project Space, Co-workers, Rae and Bennet both in 2012, Target Practice, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2011, Scale Practice, (with Bridie Lunney), Craft Victoria, 2010, and The Body Electric, (with Ross Coulter), Conical, Fitzroy in 2009. Meredith is a current PhD candidate in Fine Art at Monash University in the Faculty of Art and Design.

Artist: Amy Joy Watson | Gallery 2
Text via West Space

This installation features a series of lightweight sculptures which are trying to go upwards. They float with the assistance of helium balloons, delicately balance on a single point or form a stack using magnetic attraction. These geometric sculptures are made using a rigorous and inventive approach to materials and the making process where segments of finely cut, watercolour stained balsa wood or cut sections of fabric are delicately hand-stitched together. These objects are not static, they feel alive and in the case of the balloon works have a life span. The stack of silver threaded clouds can be magnetically reconfigured while the stack of mesh transparent stars gently spins and wobbles. Upon entering this installation you feel as though you are intruding upon a party and when you vacate they continue with their games.

Amy Joy Watson was born in Adelaide in 1987. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Art with Honours in 2008. Amy has shown in various solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia including a solo exhibition at GRANTPIRRIE Gallery 2 in Sydney and at the Contemporary Art Space of South Australia’s Project Space. She undertook a two-month studio residency at Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin Germany in 2009. And is currently undertaking a three month studio residency at ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program) in Brooklyn, New York, sponsored by the 2011 CARCLEW Ruth Tuck Scholarship. Amy has been successful in winning several CARCLEW, Helpmann and Arts SA grants and has received various awards locally and internationally including the 2011 Adelaide Critics Circle Contemporary Art Award and the 3rd Ward Brooklyn (USA) Open Call Early Entry Prize in 2011.

Artist: Marcia Jane | Gallery 3
Text via West Space

Projectors play back images of the full moon as recorded through a video camera, from a moving minibus on a country road in New South Wales, Australia on July 16 2011. The projectors are accompanied by vignettes and speakers: a set of autonomous emitters producing sound, light, interference or reflection. Black Noise takes lead from the work of philosopher Graham Harman. I experience a world of strange objects: a noise of qualities and relations shimmering along their surface, while reality stays hidden in their depths, secret and untouchable.

Marcia Jane works with light and sound; she is interested in frequency, pattern and space. Marcia is currently undertaking her Master of Fine Arts by Research in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice at Victorian College of the Arts, and holds a First Class Honours in Fine Art from RMIT, 2008. Marcia has exhibited solo and collaborative works at galleries in Australia and France including West Space, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Les Instants Chavirés. She has participated in group shows at Carriageworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Australian Centre for the Moving Image; and has performed at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and The NOW Now Festival.

Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.

Auction: Sunday 18th November 11.00am
280 Chapel Street, Prahran 3181

Wednesday 14th Nov – 10.00am – 4.00pm
Thursday 15th Nov – 10.00am – 4.00pm
Friday 16th Nov – 10.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday 17th Nov – 10.00am – 5.00pm

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Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.


Opening night: Friday, 9 November 2012 | 6pm-9pm
Space 39, Lvl 2, 39 Little Collins St, Melbourne

Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.


Opening Monday November 5th 6-9pm, Goodtime Studios, Basement 746 Swanston St Carlton. Free.
Open 12-6pm, 7th to 9th November 2012 or by appointment call 0415152067.


...On September 28th 2012 Fox News aired live footage of a car chase involving the police and a fugitive carjacker. With anchorman Shepard Smith narrating the broadcast, the suspect pulls over and exits his vehicle. After running erratically for some 50 metres he pulls out a 9mm pistol and shoots himself in the head...

Lachlan’s new work deconstructs the social existence of such a phenomenon, highlighting the way action narrative is dressed as news to generate false perceptions of reality and endorse states of fear. Through a combination of sculpture, installation and live-stream performance he mocks the pulp simplification of good v evil characterisation whilst toying sardonically with the semantic nuances of LIVE, to be alive, and, to live. His work lifts power structures that pervade our relationship to political reality through the media, reinvesting them in a series of interactive metaphors that demonstrate precise states of psychological control.

Lachlan Anthony completed a BFA at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, receiving First Class Honors in 2008. He has completed residencies in Beijing, Edinburgh & Berlin and receiving travel grants from The British Council, The Art Gallery of NSW & the Ian Potter Cultural Trust. In 2011 he received an ARTSTART Grant whilst in 2012 he received a JUMP mentorship and a New Work Grant, both from the Australia Council for the Arts.


(This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.)

After various escapades in garage rock n' roll bands, krautrock supergroups, dancehall posse's and drone IDM outfits, B. Deep (Louis Roach) has decided to take matters into his own hands and begin to perform solo material live for the first time. With summer, samplers and gothic pop on the mind this dark eyed boy will release a debut album later this year through his connection to the mysterious Oracle Alliance label.


P.C.P. produces dark dance material made from cheap FM synths. A throwback to band such as Front 242 and Fatal Error brought into a modern context. Humble vocals with too many affects become more of an instrument than a chant. P.C.P. exhibits both hallucinogenic and neurotoxic effects.


New Low is an artist run initiative in Melbourne, running since 2011 and under the direction of Tara Cook, that holds regular shows of contemporary media art and performances.


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