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Small Giant, 11 Princess st, St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
Mon, May 6th | 10am-4pm

Megan Morton | The School | Instagram #theschoollovesmelbourne #mmbehindsthescenes

Photography © Nani P
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Thursday February 28th 6-8pm
Project Space 1 & 2
RMIT Design Hub
Cnr Swanston & Victoria Street, Carlton, Melbourne 3053

BYOBWorldwide | Facebook

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is a single night event for artists who utilise the projected video format in some way, and benefits from a wide range of approaches. Artists are expected to bring their own projector as the exhibition title implies, and create a work that deals with the relationship between projected light and the physical gallery site with respect to their practice.

BYOB is a worldwide exhibition platform initiated by Dutch artist Rafael Rozendaal. The project has been staged in various locations including the 54th Venice Biennale, 319 Scholes Gallery, New York and Palais De Tokyo, Paris.

BYOB 2013 is organised by Ry David Bradley & Antuong Nguyen.

Participating Artists:
Adam Wood
Adelle Mills
Amiel Courtin-Wilson
& Peter Ivor Wilson
Andrew Barrie
Antuong Nguyen
& Pageant
Brad Haylock
Charlie Sofo
Chase Middleton
Christopher LG Hill
Dolci & Kabana
Greatest Hits
Hamishi Jama Farah
Joe Hamilton
Johann Rashid
Many Many
Marcus Latcham
Matt Leaf
Matthew Linde
Michael Ozone
Misha Hollenbach
Nik Dimopoulos
Rowan McNaught
Ry David Bradley
Simon Pericich
Spencer Lai
Tara Cook
Virginia Overell
Warran Wright

The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.
Photography © Nani P
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Date. Thurs 7th Feb - 3rd March 2013 | 10am - 6pm
Chapter House Lane,
entry via Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

Andrzej Nowicki returns to Chapter House Lane with his show ‘Bifrost’, on display throughout February. Opening Thursday 7 February, join us for drinks from 6-8pm to see the new works unveiled.

Whereas ‘myth’ suggests archaic, fanciful beliefs and ‘sci-fi’ the futuristic, the forum for their discussion is often the same as one borrows motifs from the other. Similarly, Nowicki defies real time and with a highly contemporary visual style, recreates images which hark back to the Bifrost Bridge of Norse mythology. In this iteration, Nowicki lays out his scenes like snippets of story, with portraits pulled from the landscapes to build personal dossiers. The nobility of his figures add grandeur to a myth that will no doubt continue to be retold.

While Norse strongmen were out ‘viking’, pre-industrial times in the far North required repetitive work by hand and by ‘man’. Reliant on fire for warmth, the actual frost is felt in Nowicki’s mixed media works with crystalline forms replicated in figures and features amid the landscape. Perhaps in response to a cold, monochromatic environment, the Bifrost Bridge was dreamt up in rainbow shades; Nowicki translates this colour in sprays of flowers – a dormant spring floating like a promise across the works.
text by CHL

The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.
Photography © Nani P
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Photography © Nani P | The Artist remains the copyright owner of the works.

Date. Thursday, 29 November - Sunday, 2 December 2012 | 10am - 6pm
Rokeby Studios, Melbourne

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