Black Noise by Marcia Jane

(16 Nov - 8 Dec 2012 at Westspace, Melbourne, Australia)

Projectors play back images of the full moon as recorded through a video camera, from a moving minibus on a country road in New South Wales, Australia on July 16 2011. The projectors are accompanied by vignettes and speakers: a set of autonomous emitters producing sound, light, interference or reflection. Black Noise takes lead from the work of philosopher Graham Harman. I experience a world of strange objects: a noise of qualities and relations shimmering along their surface, while reality stays hidden in their depths, secret and untouchable.

Marcia Jane works with light and sound; she is interested in frequency, pattern and space. Marcia is currently undertaking her Master of Fine Arts by Research in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice at Victorian College of the Arts, and holds a First Class Honours in Fine Art from RMIT, 2008. Marcia has exhibited solo and collaborative works at galleries in Australia and France including West Space, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Les Instants Chavirés. She has participated in group shows at Carriageworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Australian Centre for the Moving Image; and has performed at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and The NOW Now Festival. (Text via West Space)

Artist. Marcia Jane - Photographed by Nani P